What happens if I'm late to Class?

The door will lock right at the time class starts and your session will be considered a late cancel or forfeited. This is non-negotiable.

We have a VERY STRICT on time arrival policy. You must arrive 5 -15 min early to class (especially if you are new to our studio). If you're not on time, (this means at least a few minutes early) you will not be allowed into the class and your session will be considered a late cancel. Knocking on the door when class has started will not change our policy. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF YOUR OTHER ON TIME STUDENTS AND THE INSTRUCTOR.

This policy is put in place for your safety so that you may receive a run down of the equipment prior to class starting, as well as respect for your instructor and respect for the other students in class. This policy is also put in place so your instructor can carefully watch the students in the class at all times. Requesting that your instructor walk away from the class to open the front door for a late student puts the other students at risk. We will not allow our students to practice in an un-safe manner, so please be respectful and understanding of the above.

What is the cancellation Policy ?

Group Classes have a 12 hour late cancellation Policy. Your class will be forfeited.

Private Sessions have a 24 hour late cancellation Policy. Your session will be forfeited.

A $35 fee is charged for anyone that late cancels or no shows with an Unlimited package, complimentary class, or an unpaid session or class. This covers the expense of paying for our talented instructors (that still show up for the class and/or session and have planned on your spot being taken). Please do not ask to have this waived. 

What are your Policies in joining Group Class Levels? 

If you have never been to our studio to do a Group Class you MUST join a Level 1 Group Class first prior to taking any Level 1/2 or 2 (despite wether you think you have done Authentic Pilates before or not, this includes other instructors from other studios).

This is for your safety, respect for the other students who have advanced onto the next level and respect for your instructor. This helps us gauge where you're at in your Classical/Authentic Pilates practice.

If you do not take a Level 1 Group Class first, you WILL be asked to step out of the class and re-schedule into a Level 1 at another time. It is not our intention to offend or embarrass you so please abide by this policy.

* NOTE: Classes are run only with 2+ people (There are a total MAX of 7 People in any group class). If for any reason there is only 1 person signed up for a class, we hold the right to cancel the class up to one hour prior to class start time. You will be credited back this class should this take place. We do ask that we have your correct contact information  - including phone number - should this take place so that we may notify you within a proper time allowance (not all people check their email consistently throughout the day which is why we ask for your phone number). 

I'm in the Industry as a Pilates Professional myself... Can I purchase any into offers for Private Sessions?

If you are a fellow Pilates Instructor please be respectful of why we offer Intro offers in the first place. We do this to give opportunities to NEW students of the Pilates practice (and our studio) a chance to try it out and get their feet wet. Although we love fellow Pilates Instructors, intro offers for Private Instruction are not valid for other Pilates professionals - this will be refunded and cancelled if bought - you will be re-directed to a regular package. Thank you for understanding.


We do offer Military, Student and First Responder Discounts of 15%. Please show Valid ID in person. Discounts only apply to regular drop in rates and packages. Not valid for into packages and cannot be combined with other discounted specials.


Can I bring water or do you provide water ?

We do not provide water. 

Should you want to bring your own water please do so in a safe container with lid (NO GLASS) . You must keep your water bottle at your cubbie or near by the cubbie area (not by your Pilates Equipment). You may get up at any time to drink your water should you need to in the whopping 45 min. you are here (but we're pretty sure you'll survive without it).

Phones? Can I bring mine ?

Yes, of course! We have a beautiful boutique style studio and people love photographing it and photographing themselves in it. So feel free. HOWEVER, NO PHONES ARE ALLOWED in Reformer or Tower areas while class is in session. Please leave your phones with your other personal belongings while you're exercising.

What do I wear ?

Please wear fitted clothing that is not baggy and grip socks. If you do not have grip socks we have some for purchase at the studio.

I'm pregnant, can I join a group class ?

Unfortunately, our group classes are not suitable for pre and post-natal clients.

We do have teachers who specialize in pre & post-natal Pilates who would be happy to teach you privately in a one to one.

Please wait until you have had your Doctor’s approval to exercises after giving birth (minimum 6 weeks after a natural birth and 12 weeks after C section).

What is Authentic / Classical Pilates and why is AM RADIO different from  other studios here in Austin ?

The Classical or Authentic Pilates Method is the REAL PILATES. Pilates was originally called Contrology and comes from a true genius named, Joseph Pilates. We now call this simply, PILATES.

Our studio, AM RADIO, specifically teaches the Authentic Method as our owner (Christian Cox) comes from the tutelage of Romana Kryzanowska (who Joseph Pilates left his studio & practice to upon his passing). Romana was Joseph's true protege'). Romana is also no longer with us, so having learned from and worked for Romana is an invaluable experience.

There is a pride and passion to keeping the Authentic Method alive alongside the heritage of the method and lineage of Christian's direct education of the Method.

Classical vs. Contemporary/Modern: The classical work or method is an engagement of the entire body simultaneously, (taught ONLY on Classical Equipment). Not just in body parts (like abs and buns classes, etc). The Original Method and genius of it, was created to balance the entire body. Breaking the work down (which contemporary/modern Pilates does) is a reductionist approach of Pilates as a method (therefore, not really a method). This is a practice, not just a workout... and thus no body part is separate - it is all together and works together in a pulley like system. If there is muscle weakness, and it is not due to an active injury, but due to misalignment and repetitive action, it is necessary to balance the alignment of the body.

Strengthening a muscle, or a body part is useless, unless it is combined with total engagement of the entire body and a realignment of the skeletal system. 

This is what makes the AUTHENTIC METHOD actually work. One does not teach by parts of the body, we teach by the METHOD. You can see this by taking one look at a Classically Trained body (that stands tall, shoulders back and open, lean muscle groups, balanced walking alignment and more)... someone that has gone to any other "style" per say will still have rolled forward shoulders, stocky muscle groups, and mis-alignment in their skeleton (hiked hips, one shoulder higher than the other and more.) 


AM RADIO offers small group classes of no more than 6 in the Reformer Room and 7 in the Tower room. Private sessions are taught one on one and Duets with one other person.

We do not play loud music but more-a-less fun vibey music in the background so you can hear your instructor without the use of a headphone ( and not an instructor screaming at you).

AM RADIO uses custom made Classical Equipment ONLY. This is so you can practice Authentic/Classical Pilates the way it was meant to be. Classical Pilates cannot be fully learned on Contemporary or Modern Equipment.

The front entrance boasts our boutique style retail space carrying our very own Exclusive Athleisure and Lounge Wear #STUDIOTOSTREET (designed by our Founder, Christian Cox).


There are FREE parking spots directly in front of our entrance on 902 N. Lamar. Blvd. Should for any reason there not be any parking spots directly in front of our studio, then feel free to park in the back alley behind our studio or in the vacant building lot next door.